Zero Gravity Chair Benefits

Wondering what is a zero gravity chair? Well, they are one of those modern health, wellness and leisure products that help provide perfect relaxation to its user. A unique feature of this versatile and custom chair is that it makes everyone feel weightless and comfortable while they are seated on it. Most can be set in different positions to support the weight of the body, ease pressure on the spine and help the user stay comfortable.  To learn more about the benefits, take a look at this interesting guide below.

Why should you buy a Zero Gravity Chair?

  • Stress relieving chairs:  Sitting on this ergonomic chair positions your body in a way that you feel, stress- free, weight less and energized. The position you achieve when sitting on this chair helps minimize the toll that gravity takes on your body every day.  This includes improving circulation, relieving back ache, reducing strain on your vertebrae and cushioning sore muscles.
  • Boost circulation. Sitting on one positions your body in a way that your heart works with gravity as it pumps blood horizontally instead of vertically. This helps boost blood circulation, improving your overall health.
  • Help take pressure off your spine: Sitting on an uncomfortable chair can increase pressure on your spine, leading to lower back pain. However, since zero gravity chairs are designed to take most weight off you back, leaning back in the chair will help relieve the pressure from your spine almost instantly, helping you stay comfortable and relaxed.
  • Improve Lung Function:  Most people are unaware of the fact that a
    chair can help improve the function of their lungs. Reclining on a comfortable chair, allows the body to enter into a calm state and allow the lungs to fully expand. As a result, there is heavier breathing, which is known to improve lung function and help oxygenate the blood.
  • Versatile: Most can recline at different angles, lean forward to focus on a project or sit upright for work. The chairs can be used as recliners as well as functioning work chairs. They can be used exclusively as a lounge chair or placed in the living room to provide comfort to guests and residents of the house.  When used in an office environment, they help workers to relax periodically and allow their body to unwind.

How to use one?

To attain the maximum benefits, it is important that you a set the chair in the zero cavity position. To attain this position, the chair should be tilted back in a way that you are close to a lying down position, the torso in line with your thighs and lower legs extended above heart level. This ergonomic chair can be customized and includes several movable parts that can be adjusted to be effective using knobs and levers.

Using a zero gravity chair can help provide innumerable health benefits to the user. However, if you have had a back surgery, it is highly recommended that you use this chair after consulting your physician.  Looking to buy?  Take a look at these best zero gravity chair review and recommendations.

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