Are Zero Gravity Chairs Good For Your Back?

Back pain is considered a bane of the modern times. With people spending hours together peering into monitors or behind wheels caught in traffic jams, it is an issue that is taking on epidemic proportions. In fact, according to several medical experts, it is one of the biggest contributors to diminished productivity. While medications are available, they just seem to offer temporary relief, not to forget the implications of long term side effects that they may cause. To effectively manage back pain therefore, you need something more than just medications. Thanks to the advent of zero gravity chairs though, there is a solution to this vexed problem.

Unique Design

Are zero gravity chairs good for your back? Yes, that is the simple answer. And there is scientific reason behind the effectiveness of these uniquely designed chairs. It is not as if these chairs will float in the air or that you would just take off, against gravity if you were to sit on them.

The design of these chairs is actually inspired by the chairs that astronauts sit on when the space shuttle takes off.  It is during this time when the body is subjected to tremendous changes in gravitational force. The design of these chairs is such that it ensures minimal gravitational force, thereby ensuring reduced overall pressure on the body.

Improves circulation

Remarkably this reclining position also mimics that of a developing fetus inside a pregnant woman. This is stated to the best possible natural position for rest for the human body.

The reclining position is scientifically proven to improve overall blood circulation. With these chairs, your back is parallel to the floor, while your knees are bent and supported over your chest, mimicking the position of astronauts before the blast off. It is known to gently loosen the muscles in the back, while also releasing all the tension in the tissues that accumulates due to constantly sitting.

The time that we spend sitting in front of a work desk, often hunched when we are tired means that our back muscles and skeletal system tends to lose its alignment over time. This in turn leads to stiffness and reduced flexibility. The lack of alignment also leads to weak core strength. All these factors lead to chronic back aches over a period of time.

Helps Prevent Varicose Veins

Not only do zero gravity chairs help with back pain, they can also help relieve pain and swelling from the feet area. It has been scientifically proven that elevating the position of the legs over the level of the heart is known to help prevent varicose veins.

Versatile Uses

Not only are zero gravity chairs good for your back, they are also versatile enough to be used in multiple ways. For example, they can be great to catch up on a quick afternoon nap. You can also laze around on them watching your favorite TV shows. They also make a great companion for some relaxed reading too. So it is time to invest in one of these chairs.

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