How Do Zero Gravity Chairs Work?

If you suffer from neck or back pain, you may have heard that a zero gravity chair can reduce pain. But how do zero gravity chairs work?

Zero gravity chairs, recliners, and adjustable beds all utilize the scientifically proven zero gravity position to reduce gravitational force on the body, thus minimizing pressure. This position uses specific angles to relieve pressure on the back, neck, and surrounding tissues, and to improve overall circulation. The position works to counter the hours we spend sitting at a computer, driving, at the kitchen table, or in front of the tv.

What do we mean when we say the zero gravity position is “scientifically proven”? The position was originally developed by NASA for astronauts during liftoff on space missions. Because astronauts experience sudden, intense increases in gravity during the early stages of liftoff, they assumed an angled position in order to minimize the amount of pressure they withstood and equally distribute bodily stress, making it safer to endure. Hence the name – zero gravity chair!

Another benefit of the reclined position is increased circulation – helpful for reducing swelling, lowering the chance of varicose veins, and increasing blood flow to the heart. As you might imagine, the suspended feeling this chair offers is also extremely relaxing. In fact, some massage therapists offer zero gravity massage experiences, and many adjustable beds include reclining feature to this angle.

How do we achieve the zero gravity position? This is done simply by keeping legs and torso aligned and raising the legs until they are above the heart, and the angle between the legs and the torso is greater than 90 degrees (generally around 120 degrees). This, in turn, puts all of your extremities and head at ideal angles as well, for maximum comfort and relief.

If just reading this is making you feel more relaxed, then maybe you should give zero gravity chairs a try!

How do you know if this specialized chair is right for you? Back pain types, causes, levels, and methods for relief may differ. But you can see if this chair might help you find relief with a quick home test. Lie on the floor and elevate your legs to around 100 – 130 degrees by using a chair or sofa. Now kick back and relax for a few minutes and see if you experience any pain relief. If so, you might want to look into a zero gravity recliner.

There are of course many options available to you. Some are motorized, leather covered, and some are simpler manually reclining chairs with simple cushions, but still great for lounging in the backyard or living room. Some models even have built in laptop stands, allowing you to work weightlessly.

There is really no investment more valuable than your health, and that includes back and neck pain. Why not rethink your sitting and go the way of the astronauts with the best zero gravity chair? Look into gravity chairs to see if you can find relief from unwanted pain.

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