What Are Zero Gravity Chairs?

Recalling a Zero Gravity image, you can remember the astronauts floating in the air, and it seems like they are almost flying. It is a good feeling, but what does it have to do with a chair? What are Zero Gravity Chairs, after all?

Originally the concept was developed for NASA’s astronauts that needed to have their feet raised above the area of their hearts, because this body alignment reduced the pressure on the astronauts’ spine and they are more prepared to face the launch pressure while traveling.

Well, taking advantage of this concept, various manufactures thinking about comfort and well-being, developed a very comfortable chair, designed to support the human body exceedingly well, so you feel like you are floating weightlessness. The Zero Gravity Chair is a peace of ergonomic design, so you can feel more relaxed once it relief the pressure on the body, causing that levitation effect.

Obviously, being an ergonomic chair and having several movable parts, it must be well adjusted for that particular user. Most of these chairs have knobs and levers in order to well integrate with your body and if this adjustment is correct, it can help you even with your back pain or other physical discomfort. The matter in fact, for you to benefit with the features, you have to change bad posture habits into better lifestyle daily routine.

Daily stress and gravity

We are exposed to an endless stress sources day-by-day. One of them is the gravity: it pulls your muscles down and pressure your spine, among other body impacts, but the main point is that we do not learn how to sit down or lay down properly and being so sedentary, we make even more pressure at our spine, for to make just one simple example for you.

So, you have to exercise properly and learn how to incorporate good postures in your daily routine.

Let us focus on our spine discs for a moment: the pressure of gravity, being pregnant or gaining weight over the years the spine begins to shrink, as the fluid is drained from the disc area. Doing stretching or yoga, for example, it increases the amount of spinal fluid into the spine which can be achieved as well as per the neutral position obtained in it.

The zero gravity chair can be used in various positions, like a recliner as a lounge chair acting as a relief pain chair (like the first class chairs on the airplanes) or it can be used like a work chair — sit upright position.

If you are experiencing the recliner, you are feeling your back muscles relaxed, so the blood circulation improves and it brings more oxygenation, which helps to deflates the muscles and your back pain can be reduced significantly.

And if you need an extra care for your back you can use a one that will give you a relaxing massage and you can choose how hard or soft you want it to massage you.

Enjoy all the benefits, choosing the best model and adjustment wisely. Certainly it will get you more relaxed and energized ever.  Looking for the best rated zero gravity chair?  Look here.

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